Recruitment Process Outsourcing
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Our services will benefit you:
Full time recruiter costs a much lower price than what you currently incur for continuous contracts. We also do ad-hoc once-in-a-while work at a higher price per hour.
With our service, you incur:
No phone, computer, internet expenses.
No Payroll expenses
No benefits like paid vacation, insurance, social security, 401K, pension etc
No infrastructure cost
We do all the back end work so you can focus on your core business functions.
We provide you:
Recruiters - one or more depending upon your requirements
Save you money by reducing the need to hire, train, develop and maintain recruiters.
Since the same recruiter works with you over a continuous contract, the recruiter knows your company well and acts just like a virtual employee of your company.

We will work with you as your extended virtual team for your recruiting research and candidates resourcing requirements or any other services that we provide. You will find our services useful, at a low cost, in time, and with quality.

The table below enlists the average (median) cost for a recruiter with about 2 years experience.
  Median Amount % of Total
Base salary $44,345 71%
Bonuses Varies  
Social Security $3,462 5%
401k/403b $1,638 3%
Disability $1,104 2%
Healthcare $5,390 9%
Pension $1,466 2%
Time off $4,943 8%
Total $62,349 100%
As you can see above, the average recruiter costs you $62,349 per annum. Using our services you can reduce this cost by more than 50% per annum for annual contracts. Additionally, you also save on costs such as recruitment, real estate, computer hardware costs, network maintenance, internet connections, telephone bills, other sundry expenses like soda/coffee etc.
We have created best practices for each phase of the recruitment life cycle. However, at your option, we will work with you to understand your own practices and have the recruiter work in exactly the same fashion as you do. All our services are underwritten with service level agreements to guarantee you the best work possible. However, to build your confidence, we also offer recruiters on 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 9 months contract basis at higher charges.

Recruiters work 9 hours each day at the time most convenient to you. Optionally, we can have the recruiters work on Saturday/Sunday at the same base rate per hour as any week day. To keep the recruiters motivated, we encourage you to offer standard incentives as per the industry norms on contract/perm placements.
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