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The IT industry changes almost weekly. The world and industry are transformed by your IT department. You need employees who can determine cloud computing and mobile applications and know how to work social media and infrastructure. There are few industries that do not have an IT department and many more need to keep up on the changes.

An IT recruiter specializes in hiring those individuals who can fill IT positions in many different industries. Recruiters are trained to fill temporary, permanent or project based jobs. You need to have the savvy to target, find and attract the best talent for your client. You can no longer post and pray that a good candidate will come in into your office. You need to directly source the very best candidates to get ahead of the competition.

Stay proactive and if you have these qualifications, you can be a quality IT recruiter.

1. Are you able to sell? There are candidates who will send you their resumes and if you find the best resumes can you call them and recruit? Get high interest from the candidate and bring them together with a company. The ability to shop opportunities and candidates in the best light is critical to your success. You need to have sales skills to recruit.

2. Do you love to set up blind dates for friends? Recruiters are just like blind date salesmen. You have to be a matchmaker. Be solution oriented and understand the marketplace. You should have thorough knowledge of the industry to spot opportunities and make placements.

3. Communication skills are essential for an IT recruiter. Speak with conviction when selling your client to job candidates. Sell your recruits to the company. Communication requires you to stand out and get both parties to listen to you.

4. Are you positive? You need to have a huge positive attitude almost a rah-rah attitude. If you cannot get the right candidates to your client, you need to go out and be an advertiser. Matching your client to a candidate is a numbers games. It is not, however, a game where just throw people at your client. Candidates must be viable and know the business you are recruiting for.

5. An IT recruiter must definitely be IT literate. You need to be familiar with your client's business to find the right candidate. In addition you must know how to use computer software to track and maintain good candidates. You need to be comfortable with job boards, online networking and technology. Stay one step ahead of the game and know what you are recruiting for. If you are totally unaware of your client's needs, you might need to get out of the game.

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