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Head Hunters


Headhunters provide high level recruitment services. They are hired by firms to find talent and locate candidates who meet specific job requirements. If you have a set idea of who you want to hire you can use a headhunter or executive recruiter to find that person. Often executive recruiters have a pool of candidates that they can use for specific positions. They also act aggressively to find talent and place talent.

Most headhunters look for candidates to fill positions that have high skill levels or are high paying. They work on the notice of a firm and scour international organizations for top talent. Headhunters do to conduct job fairs but look for individuals with certain skill levels.

How to Work with a Headhunter

1. Give the headhunter or executive recruiter specifies that are related to the job you are looking at. Be very specific regarding job type, salary requirements and location.
2. Research a list of companies you would like to work for. Ask your executive recruiter to contact the company for job openings on your behalf.
3. Headhunters can help with interview preparation, answering questions and salary negotiations.
4. Get as much information as possible from a headhunter regarding the company you are interviewing with.
5. Get a confirmation from a headhunter as to how many other candidates are vying for this job. Request an idea of successes and failures.

Companies working with Headhunters

A headhunter works for the company not the employment candidate. Headhunters are not career or job counselors they are motived by the commission a company pays them. Executive recruiters control leader-replacement searches for the world' largest corporations. They influence the top ranks of ambitious small companies who are looking for top talent and are willing to pay for that talent. Talent brokers have a huge range of influence. Once you are a known headhunter, you will have firms and corporations coming to you to help find first rate talent.

1. Be specific in the employee or executive you are looking for. Most executive recruiters are helping you look for executives to fill those important top level positions.
2. Hunt for the candidates who augment your client. Promise better job security higher pay and an expanded role in the corporation to benefit your client. Match the client with the candidate.
3. Hire a contingency headhunter who is paid by your company and you will get a professional who desires to get you the best executive they can find.
4. A retained recruiter will look for only the top level employees and they will find them.

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