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Candidate & Name Generation


Candidate generation or name generation, as the name suggests, is a method through which you can identify a multitude of untapped candidates and use their potential to the hilt. With “name generation”, recruiting or human resource experts can gain access to passive contenders who are directly sourced from opponents and also from organizations within a similar industry or structure.

This procedure enables one to find and target candidates quickly. It also essentially ends the candidate’s identification problem. In addition to this, it is a relatively inexpensive solution that everyone (including small businesses) can avail of! Outsourcing the “name generation” or “heavy lifting” components within passive candidate (employed person) recruiting allows your professional to focus on the consultative elements of transforming a potential candidate into a hire.

Name Generation solution at reasonable prices

EzeeSoft Technologies’ Candidate generation service concentrates in providing passive contenders - those who are directly sourced from targeted companies. We source these contacts by using telephone name generation technique. Our all-embracing experience in offering “name generation” research covers a gamut of clients - such as multi-national corporations, start-up companies, contingency and preserved firms. What’s more, name research guarantees you get only what you have specified to us! So, you can be rest assured that you’ll receive useful information at very affordable rates.

Our efforts are driven by the demands of our clients and we are painfully focused on customer satisfaction. Our association and name generation service will yield results and help you network better, build more relationships and recruit the best applicants. So, wait no more!

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